3 Year Report

3 Years On – 3 Year Report

The Creative Quarter initiative started its life in May 2013.

Conceived as an ‘incubator without walls’ to power the new Nottingham economy, The Creative Quarter initiative has, in just three short years, led the transformation of the Creative Quarter area and become a catalyst for the city’s economic recovery and growth. Creating jobs. Supporting and sustaining business. Cultivating and celebrating talent. Nurturing thriving priority sectors. Encouraging inward investment. Inspiring creativity, innovation, culture and entrepreneurship.

Our 3 Year Report captures the initiative’s impact on businesses, people and the place known as the Creative Quarter, since it began. It’s a story about a collective set of energies that have brought positive, transformative change to the city. The Creative Quarter is now an intrinsic part of Nottingham’s success.

We hope you enjoy discovering how the initiative is making a difference and what we have planned for the future.

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