Dawn Whitemore

Dawn is Principal and Chief Executive at New College Nottingham, having previously performed in the role of Deputy Principal for Delivery at the college, a large 157 group college with over 8500 full time students and sited over 5 main campuses. Dawn provides strategic leadership to the College’s Executive team, defining and implementing the vision, mission, values and strategic purpose of the college, with and on behalf of the New College Nottingham Corporation. Dawn also represents the College with various external bodies including Nottingham City Science Advisory Board, The Creative Quarter Board, and University Vocational Awards Council. Prior to joining ncn, Dawn had worked at senior level in the University of Derby, Derby College, NWHC plus run her own business.

Dawn believes the Creative Quarter has a very special role to play in the regeneration of Nottingham because of its diverse and concentrated business community and ability to attract and retain talent from the College and University population and the potential to develop new products and start-up businesses. It is critical that focus, support and enabling structures are put in place, which the Creative Quarter Business is striving to do.