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Address: The Renewal Trust, 27-31 Carlton Road, Nottingham, NG3 2DG
Contact name: Cherry Underwood  Contact Phone number: 0115 9112564
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Description of organisation:

The Renewal Trust is a nationally recognized community regeneration trust. We have developed a strong base of community delivery that provides direct support to local people but we are also recognized as the ‘go to’ organisation in the area
for making connections.

image002In its simplest form, this brings likeminded groups together to consolidate their proposals/projects, in its most exciting application it leads to national or international organizations approaching The Renewal Trust to bring a collaborative project together. SPILL and Nott Ballet are both excellent examples of where The Renewal Trust have acted as the ‘connector’ of opportunity, with amazing results for the community.

image004Our community support take place through:

  • The provision of flexible, accessible community space in our Chase
  • Neighbourhood and Sycamore Millennium Centres. A top quality sports hall, dance studio and changing rooms are also available to the local community through the Brendon Lawrence Sports Hall.
  • Access to top quality sports provision through the Brazilian Soccer School, Socatots, Sycamore Table Tennis Club and Jawaid Khaliq’s Boxing Academy in the Brendon Lawrence Sports Hall.
  • Taking employment and training support out into the heart of the communities we serve through an Employment Outreach Adviser.

Community Empowerment workers provide an excellent Voluntary Sector infrastructure across the area, supporting new groups, establishing co-operative ways of working, training and volunteering opportunities. The ‘VCS Forum’ delivered through The Renewal Trust in City South is a vital ‘go to’ forum for up to date information and guidance for any group or organisation working in the area.

The Enterprise Coaches are well placed to support anyone thinking of starting a business and to support them in the development of that business idea. They also support existing and inwardly investing companies in the area.

2 of the 3 Business Centres The Renewal Trust operates through its Trading Company (Hungerhill Trading Ltd) support small and medium sized enterprises in the area whilst the third focusses on supporting Community Enterprises and Businesses.

By acting as the Lead Organisation for the new Area Based Grant process Nottingham City Council has commissioned in the area, The Renewal Trust supports 30 local voluntary sector organisations.

Through The Renewal Trust’s subsidiary company Hungerhill Developments Ltd we are fortunate to be lease holders and custodians of an internationally unique Victorian garden site, now known as St Anns Allotments. The £4.5m Heritage Lottery funded programme of conservation and restoration is almost complete and opportunities to showcase this fantastic resource are now a priority (and will feature strongly within the proposed programme of activity we are requesting supporting funding from Comic Relief)

We will continue to offer these essential services but feel the value of making new/unique/exciting connections (on behalf of other organisations or to respond to an opportunity) is an excellent way to bring new opportunities into the area.

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