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Living in the CQ – the new additions

One of the most exciting things about living in the Creative Quarter (circa 2014) is being witness to its rapidly-changing landscape. Take, for example, the recent opening of Annie’s Burger Shack (whose, single-veggieburger-ed ‘The Boston Nibbler’ I can highly recommend); it’s terrifically-timbered interior and tantalisingly-tasty burgers have proved to be a very warmly welcomed addition to the Lace Market area (Annie, my vegetarian taste buds salute you!) all just a mere couple of minutes’ walk from my doorstep.


Or how about the surprise street art (read Wendy’s report about the project here) fashioned by local Nottingham apprentices, all of which I am sure have offered many a passer-by a topic perfect for an over-a-cuppa conversation that could happily be held at NCN’s student-contributed Eve’s Café in Lace Market Square, which opened in late 2013, situated next to where the above piece, named ‘jekyll and hyde‘, is stationed!

Over the past few months I’ve witnessed pop-up shops open (featuring some of the area’s finest creatives), businesses move in and, most recently, a new addition to Nottingham’s shopping directory in the form of Cobden Chambers.


Found at the end of an alleyway off of Pelham St (opposite another new CQ venture in the form of Wired Café read Catherine’s piece about the café here – who on Saturday had a sign out the front boasting they had nearly as much cake as Nottingham has hipsters!) nestled between The Little White Dress and Michael Levin Jewellers, Cobden Chambers offers its visitors charm in abundance, thanks to its pastel-hue-fronted boutique shops that, on it’s opening day on the 8th March, all sat rather prettily (and with bellies full of delightful wares) in the sunshine, accompanied by guitar-music-filled air and nasal-filling wafts of delicious grub – provided by local business ‘Beccy’s Global Kitchen‘ – all watched over by graffiti’d wall-art created by the city’s very own Small Kid.

Cobden Chambers Layout

A photograph of Small Kid’s graffiti, and some of the pieces for sale in Cobden’s Vintage Reclaimed Boutique, captured during a (rare) quiet moment

Cobden Chambers Graffiti Art

The warm day made for a particularly smile-inducing experience (for everyone) and as the sun beat down on my neck – while I wandered along the cobbles, pausing to take photographs and soak up the atmosphere – I could have quite easily managed to convince myself that I’d taken a wrong turn somewhere and had happened upon a Parisian backstreet (or some such daintily-fitted-out European shopping destination!). After spending time drifting in and out of the shops (and enjoying some time people-watching!) it’s safe to say this CQ resident has fallen head over her Ana Baptise-clad heels (ahhhh, a student can but dream!) for the new kid in town.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2014 will bring.

All images taken by me on my adventure around the CQ.

  • Jessica (Coco/Mingo)

    Great post, Tori! I would absolutely love to visit the U.K. one day soon! Bookmarking this page so that when I do eventually make the travel, I’ll know of some really fantastic places to visit in Nottingham! All your photos are so great – it looks like such a cute, quaint area – everything I love!

    • Tori

      Jessica, thank you! You absolutely should – then I can show you around! It’s a really sweet part of the city, absolutely my favourite, and a great place to spend time (especially over a cuppa and slice of cake!)

  • Latrina M.

    Wow! What an absolutely charming place! And how lucky are you to live so close. :) I second Jessica, definitely bookmarking this! As I do hope to be in that area sometime soon. :)

    • Tori

      Latrina, you are an angel! I am very lucky, everything is within walking distance – it certainly made the transition (the move from where I’m originally from to Nottingham) a far easier one!

  • Vanessa James

    Well, isn’t this just delightfully charming. Definitely filing this little corner of the world away, to visit on my next jaunt to Nottingham.

    Love Vanessa xx

    • Tori

      It is indeed, Vanessa, and as you aren’t too far away, you definitely must pay a visit!