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Why choose an apprenticeship in the creative & digital industries?

There’s a bit of a buzz around apprenticeships at the moment, so when we heard that ICN Apps have taken on two new apprentices, we asked them if they’d like to share their experiences of apprenticing in the Creative Quarter so far! Here are their amazing blogs…

Meet Milly Benner


Hi I’m Milly. I studied at New College Nottingham (NCN) in the Creative Quarter for two years. It was a great learning experience as I’ve been taught the skills of garment technology, presentation of coursework, Illustrator, Photoshop, creating range plans, fashion forecasting, competitor analysis and more. These skills are transferable and can be used to excel in many areas. What I undoubtedly enjoy doing in my free time is using social media to keep a watchful eye on evolving trends. Instagram is also a great tool for watching trends and to see what everyone is liking. This is one of the reasons why I got into marketing; what I like is that you have to adapt your mindset to others, in order to boost downloads or sales, which is in a way similar to working with new trends. Especially when your plan works you get a real enjoyment out of it.

I’m very lucky to say that after my studies I went to work for ICN, it’s a great company to work for as everyone is friendly and always has an open mind to creativity. Currently, I may only be in my second week, but I’m very happy where I am, because I work with such great apps. Having a background with two fashion diplomas and work experience in fashion, it made perfect sense for me to work with the Premier Model Style App. Like a duck to water, my ideas flowed. The basis of the App is that users are able to show their unique style, take tips from professional models and even apply to be a model for Premier model agency, so there’s always a way to reach out to new users who would love to use the App. At the moment my main focus is grassroots marketing, where more users are introduced to the App by a current user.

Not only am I just marketing Premier Model Style App, I’m also working with Marc the Vet App (which is great for people who have dogs and want to find out care tips and new walks to take their dogs on), and H.E.A.L with Lara (a great yoga and fitness app made with Indian Bollywood actress and former Miss Universe Lara Dutta). By working on a range of apps it gives me more opportunity to think outside the box on how to reach more users and I’m learning new marketing techniques every day.

Meet Lauren Hull

Lauren Hull I knew after completing my GCSEs that university was not going to be what I wanted to do and so when I finished my A Levels in June at Kimberley School Sixth Form, I immediately got into looking at apprenticeships to start earning for my future. Even doing my GCSEs I focused on very design and media based subjects such as graphics art and photography. At A Levels I then studied media, photography and business knowing even more that I wanted to go into the digital media industry. I’ve always been intrigued as to how quickly the industry is constantly changing and also being able to study audience behaviour and having to respond to that in the work that I would do.

I spent most of the summer and the time leading up to my final exams looking around and applying for jobs and apprenticeships. Eventually I was offered several apprenticeships, however I chose ICN on the basis that I felt they offered me the best job prospects and a fun and supportive working environment. The interview process was simple and everyone at ICN put me at ease straight away, making everything so much more relaxed and friendly prior to me even having the job.

To get the job I had an interview and was set a research project, which I then had to present in a second meeting. They were impressed with my work and I was proud to share my ideas with them and show what I could contribute to the business. I was extremely happy leaving that day, knowing they had offered me the job.

I’m now working for ICN in their marketing department focusing on three of their six successful Apps. I’m also completing a Digital Marketing course to extend my knowledge and ability. I currently work alongside a more advanced marketing executive and design team to help them progress their Apps and make them as successful as possible. This involves various tasks such as observing different databases to gather important information for the company. I have to pay close attention to daily analytics of each App to monitor their progression. This then helps us to make informed decisions, focusing on grassroots marketing techniques, allowing me to put my ideas into action. This is important as a huge responsibility of my job is to ensure my marketing methods have a positive influence on the Apps’ figures and drive them to be more successful.

My manager Geoff has also admired my keen interest and eye for photography and videography and therefore wants me to be involved in future shoots which is a very exciting opportunity for me as an apprentice. Prospects such as these are another reason I was attracted to a job with ICN; they wanted me for all the different skills I could offer, not just to fit a specific mould.

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