Ben Newth, Director, Reel Media

A day in the life of…

Ben Newth, director of Reel Media, a corporate video production company based on Stoney Street in Nottingham’s Creative Quarter has very kindly authored this great blog on ‘a day in the life of…the director of a corporate video production company’. Many thanks to Impression’s Lauren Wilson for sharing!

7:00 – I’m in the studio nice and early to go through emails and plan workloads for the day ahead.  We’re a small team but typically we have around 10 projects running simultaneously so being organised is a key skill for what we do.

9:00 – By now the rest of team are in and hopefully bring coffee with them from one of the many great coffee shops in The Lace Market.  We take time at the start of each day to get up to speed with projects and delegate any new workload.

10:00 – I’m at a client’s office to kick off a new video project.  They brief me and we talk generally about some possible concepts.  In a day or two I’ll send them over a full treatment outline, before we then move on to the script and storyboard phase.  A lot of work goes into a video project before a camera is even picked up.


11:00 – I’m back in our studio to oversee green screen filming for a fun little project we’re doing for a client who is recreating the Mr&Mrs game show with their employees for an internal event.  The couples they’ve chosen are a lot of fun although the wives seem keener than the husbands!

12:30 – Time for a quick sandwich and a catch-up with our senior creative Matt. We review the first draft of an interactive video he’s created for one of our largest clients. Interactive videos are relatively new but make the user experience so much more engaging.  I know the client is going to love it.

1:00 – My next meeting is literally across the corridor.  We’re lucky enough to have a digital marketing agency, Impression, as our neighbour.  We go through updates to our website and talk about possible PR opportunities in the coming months.


2:00 – The studio has almost emptied as most of the guys have left for a shoot.  Depending on the size and complexity of the project our crews can vary from 2 to 10 people.  This one has three of our guys on it and includes actors so it will be a busy set!

3:00 –  I pull the rest of the team together to kick around some ideas for the new project.  I love the ideas phase of any production as you can allow the creativity to run wild.  Within an hour we’ve got a really strong concept we can refine and present to the client.

4:00 – I’m back at my desk and taking an enquiry from a potential client.  They’re a start-up fintech business that realise the power of video and want to make sure they launch with a strong visual online presence and a clear message.  We talk about the possibilities of an explainer video in the form of an animation.  Working with start-ups is great as their enthusiasm and energy is infectious.  We arrange to meet early next week to go through  their requirements in more detail.


5:30 – The guys are back from the shoot and report that it all went well.  The footage will be captured, logged and backed-up before we leave for the day. It gives me a chance to look at the rushes, the first versions of a film, and congratulate them on a job well done.

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