Photo credit: Marcin Nowak

How to choose a child’s guitar

Freelance music and technology writer, Jessica Walter, got it touch with us recently to share her article on how to choose a child’s guitar. Jessica was inspired to write the article after trying to find the right guitar for her daughter and finding it took a long time to get it right. So she penned this simple guide to help other parents:

“More children in the UK are learning to play an instrument up from 41% in 1999 to 76% in 2014 (Trinity College London, 2014). Of the instruments that children know how to play, keyboard was the most popular, followed by piano and recorder. Third on the list of instruments was classical guitar.”

“When buying a child’s first guitar, it is important to consider several factors.  Getting the right size of guitar that fits a child’s hands is essential. It must also be comfortable enough for him/her to hold. Note that materials of fretboards have a role in playing comfort. Another factor to consider when shopping is the type of guitar whether it is an acoustic or electric model. For younger kids, acoustic guitars work well. Choosing the right strings can also affect the way children play guitars. Last, but not the least, is to consider the child’s preferences when buying their first guitar. It must be something that they like to inspire them to continuously play. Before going guitar shopping in Nottingham, here is an article with useful pointers about choosing an instrument for your child.