Making Climate Social

We recently heard from Matthew Trivett, a design producer and software developer who helps people make, and make sense of, new technologies.

Mathew is currently working on a project called Making Climate Social – a project led by Dr Warren Pearce (University of Sheffield), funded through the ERSC Future Research Leaders programme. Combining methods from data mining and ethnography, the project sets out to understand climate debate across the social web.

Mathew is working with the research team and a technology partner to produce analyses and visualisations of the climate debate across the social web. You can find out more in this short story he wrote following a workshop to generate novel questions to ‘to ask of the Oracle’ and bring together the project’s advisors for the first time.

You can follow the project’s progress here or connect on Twitter @MakCliSoc

Mathew works with people to guide new technology-enabled ideas from research through design to launch. He’s particularly interested in helping people to do things better with data and full stack development on web apps. If you have a project in development or know someone who does, he’d love to talk. Find out more here or follow Mathew on Twitter @mathewtrivett.