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The Bear review

On April 19, Spyridon Theatre Company performed at We Are Nonsuch. Their performance of ‘The bear‘ was brilliant! The way they adapted the characters they played was clever and very entertaining. The Bear is a one-act comedic play written by Russian author Anton Chekhov. The show started off with the character Popova (played by Christina Tsoutsi) a grieving beautiful widow with dimpled cheeks, she lost her husband 7 months ago. She has locked herself away in mourning while gazing back on his memory through a photograph. She almost walks in on Luka (played by Justine Sharp) the religious maid, reading a naughty men’s magazine when she’s supposed to be carrying out her chores, although Luka’s actions throughout the show don’t show her to be a saint…

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Luka and Popova in conversation. Photograph by Pudding Photography

We then meet Gregory (played by Krystal Groves) a strong character who’s referred to as ‘The Bear’ because of his aggressive and demanding behaviour. He and Popova have tension between them that kept us on the edge of our seats! The chemistry between these two drew you in on a ‘will they? Won’t they?’ get together? The push and pull motions had you going back and forth with them. Gregory, he fell into some economic trouble but no one wanted to pay him. This lead him to Popova as her late husband owed him money. Deep down he just wants companionship. He fell in love with Popova and wanted more.

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Popova and Gregory sharing an intense moment… Photograph by Pudding Photography

The chemistry between the actors meshes brilliantly together as they’ve got a great relationship and this comes across in their performance. They portrayed their characters amazingly on stage and this gave off a flowing and eye-pleasing performance. It left you wanting more and had your full attention with this action-packed play, there was never a dull moment!

Popova, Luka and Gregory. Photograph by Pudding Photography

Popova, Luka and Gregory. Photograph by Pudding Photography

This performance played on all of your emotions and feelings. One moment you would be feeling sympathy for Popova having lost her husband, laughing at the fact Luka was reading a saucy magazine and then feeling on edge when Gregory shows up demanding his payment! You never knew what you’d be feeling next and this is what created an element of surprise during the show. It had a nice mixture of comical and serious circumstances that bounced off of each other nicely.

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Gregory making Luka feel a little uneasy… Photograph by Pudding Photography

A huge well done to Spyridon for their outstanding show-stopping performance of The Bear! A trio of talented women that put together a wonderful show and did the play justice. We’re very much looking forward to what else they’ll have in store for their audiences in future, they’ve set a great standard of work for themselves. These are definitely one to keep an eye out for…

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A shot of the set taken by Karsten Roe.

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