CQ Reporters

The Creative Quarter is looking for reporters to join its burgeoning CQ reporters team. As a CQ reporter you could be a creative writer, blogger, videographer, photographer or artist. Your brief would be to make original, innovative, professional and informative reports about enterprise, innovation and creative activity happening in or connected to in the CQ.

Any work you produce would be credited to you and appear on our social media channels and website giving you some great experience and links for your portfolio.

If that sounds like something you would interested in please get in touch with Paige at Paige@creativequarter.com today and mark your email CQ Reporter.


Do you have an event you would like to be reported on? Get in touch and we will try to pair you with a CQ Reporter. Just email events@creativequarter.com and mark your email CQReporter Partner.

Meet our CQ Reporters:

Ka-Ho (Jake) Leung


A Nottingham Chinese textile bespoke men’s tailor designer maker. Ka-Ho Leung is a designer name and brand which is involved with handmade and bespoke designed accessories mainly for men and it is also for women as well. My grandmother has given me my name. Ka-Ho means a person who is fine, full of praise of lucky and happiness, an extraordinary talent and wisdom, wealthy person and grand. Leung, my surname means a beam, bridge or an elevation.

I was a Young Ambassador for The Prince’s Trust in Spring/Summer 2014 to promote The Prince’s Trust by taking part in workshops and done speeches to organisations and small focus groups, then I got nominated and being shortlisted for Young Ambassador of the Year Award for The Prince’s Trust Celebrate Success in the East Midlands Region Finals 2014/15. Earlier this year, I was a finalist for the first ever National Dressmaking Awards competition exhibited at the Sewing For Pleasure event with my bespoke tailored suit and had that impact to go forward with my future projects and working on my business plan too.

@KaHoLeungDesign (Business)
@KaHoJakeLeung (Personal)
facebook.com/KaHoLeungDesign (Business)

Jessie Beaumont

Photo 07-06-2015 18 59 08

Broadcast journalism masters student and English literature graduate. Based in Nottingham, heart in the North. Currently working on a research project and short TV documentary on modern perceptions of cross-dressing in the UK and what the word ‘transvestite’ means today. Favourite doc: Man on Wire. Addicted to Come Dine with Me. Keep two bunny rabbits named after Leonard Cohen and Gustav Klimt. Big fan of mussels. Terrible eyesight. Good at hula-hooping. Now looking for work/experience in film and television documentary research and production.


Megan Turner


I am an eighteen year old, Nottingham born and raised aspiring print-based journalist, studying Literature, Language, Media and Sociology at my local sixth form. I have had a passion for writing ever since I was about thirteen years old which, coincidentally, was around the same time I started being taught by a suave, sophisticated and super-hot English teacher: I honestly thought he was my soul mate due to the fact I had never met anyone else who shared such a passion for The Smiths. Unfortunately, the heart crippling news came when I discovered he had a boyfriend… I felt stuck in my own Morrissey song, crippled with teenage angst.

When I am not procrastinating or incessantly studying for my A Levels; I either have my head stuck in a book (usually on a bus, as that tends to be the only time I get a minute to myself), eating immeasurable amounts of Subway sandwiches, or updating my blog, which has been nicknamed by my friends, as my ‘baby’, as I spend so much time ‘looking after’ it. I tend to blog about things that interest or evoke strong opinions in me, rather than having a running theme for all of my posts, so I guess it would be categorised as ‘lifestyle’.