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Cobden Chambers

Cobden Chambers, a little bit of retail heaven, is located in the City Centre just off Pelham Street, in between Market Square and Hockley.

The Cobden Chambers dates all the way back to 1801. For the first 80 odd years of its existence the space was known by variety of different names and didn’t become known as the Cobden Chambers until 1883. The location has been home to an extensive variety of creative and independent businesses over the years since then, including lace designers, dressmakers and photographers.

In October 2012, Bildurn set out to regenerate the area, clearing the derelict and overgrown courtyard and reviving the space.

After seven months of hard work and determination Cobden Chambers has now become a beautiful space for everyone to enjoy. With beautiful pastel coloured buildings, spaces to eat and relax and small independent shops for you to have a look around!

If you haven’t visited Cobden Chambers yet, then watch this lovely film by KH Multimedia, with music by Steve Benford, and you are sure to be inspired to.

Watch this lovely film by Wisemen Designs here.

Lovely fashion shoot shot at Cobden Chambers by Karl Harris from K.H. Mulitmedia:

You can watch a BBC News Nottingham news item featuring Cobden Chambers here

Photo by  Marie Edwards

Photo by Marie Edwards 

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 Photo by Marie Edwards

Photo by Marie Edwards

Cobden Terraces  – The Tenants

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Alison Cutts
Anabaptise is a luxury ladies clothing label. Set up by Alison and her husband Phil just over a year ago, Alison
decided to make the move from wholesale to retail after viewing the Terraces at Cobden Chambers. Her unit will
be both a studio and shop and, in addition to selling her own range, Alison will also stock a number of European
and international brands.
Alison commented: “Nottingham has an excellent vibe; it is a very creative city and one that plays host to
aspirational lifestyles. There are several high end designer brands here which is encouraging for me as a designer
and retailer.”

Keishi Jewellery
Katie Freeley
Keishi Jewellery design and sell beautiful classic and design led pieces from bracelets to earrings, necklaces
and rings. The core collection is made up of timeless classic pieces that feature alongside new designs to
reflect seasonal trends. Set up by Katie in 2012, the business also offers a bespoke design service.
Katie commented: “The aesthetic and vision for the courtyard is great. Cobden Chambers is just what
Nottingham needs, it’s in a fantastic location and offers real opportunity for new and independent businesses.”

K – nit
Mark Layfield and Carole Layfield
K-nit designs and makes high quality beanie hats and headwear. Set up less than a year ago by Mark and
Carole Layfield, the business endeavours to support British manufacturing and sources local wool for its products. In
the future, they plan to expand their range into accessories and clothing.
Mark commented: “The location is fantastic; it’s exciting to be surrounded by creative businesses. Another
appealing element for K-Nit is the communal unit that brings together all the Cobden businesses. Cobden is a
great opportunity to get local presence.”

Wiseman Designs
Graham Smith and Richard Lewin
Wiseman Designs develops apps for businesses and produces original web solutions. Since setting up in 2011,
Joint Managing Directors Graham Smith and Richard Lewin have worked for a number of international brands,
and in April the business will become a limited company. In the future, they plan to take on more staff and will also
be taking part in the Growth Accelerator Programme. Graham Smith commented “The Cobden Chambers
development is a great way of putting Nottingham on the map and showcasing the creative talent that exists
here. We’re home to one of the biggest gaming companies in the UK, as well as lots of interesting tech
start-ups, all of which lends to the idea of Nottingham as the Shoreditch of the midlands.”

Elsa Wong and Catherine Hui
Petite2Petite is a collection of home accessories, appealing gifts for all types of occasions and exclusive
homemade crafts that change each month to reflect seasonal trends. A brand new business, Founder Elsa
Wong plans to sell exclusive gifts and accessories which can’t be found in a typical high street store.
Catherine and Elsa commented: “We are really excited about opening the business at Cobden Terraces. It’s a
great location in Nottingham’s city centre, adjacent to Market Square which is buzzing, full of life and culture with
a huge market base. We want to establish Petite2Petite as a unique gift and homemade crafts shop in the hope
that we will be able to provide Nottingham with an eclectic selection, which they deserve when it comes to
gift shopping!

Ideas on Paper
Alex Smith
Ideas on Paper has brought together a thought provoking collection of magazines, journals and books.
Titles range from fashion and art to economics and travel. These are complemented by a range of
stationery enabling people to get their ideas on paper. A new business, Alex already has plans to expand his range
of products and has an exciting project lined up with Monocle Magazine, an international publication
covering culture, design and business.

Alex commented: “I’ve wanted to start an independent retail business in Nottingham for years, as the city has
such a vibrant creative community. Cobden Chambers offers the commerciality and footfall of the city centre
with a taste of the Hockley independent vibe. The mix of businesses at the Terraces creates a collaborative
environment – I’d describe it as a capitalist hippy commune!”

Alex Collison
Cavology is an independent lifestyle brand. It offers an eclectic range of products, covering home accessories,
home decor, cutting edge fashion, photography and wall art. Owner and Creative Director Alex Collison is a
former retail buyer and with her new business is looking to drive innovation and new trends. Alex plans to work with
local designers and graduates from Nottingham Trent University (NTU). She completed her Masters at NTU and
also set up Cavology at The Hive, which has played an instrumental role in getting the business off the ground.
Alex commented “It’s all about keeping talent within Nottingham and the local economy and offering
something unique. The set-up of Cobden Terraces has created a community of independent businesses who will
be able to develop the right links so that our ventures can grow and thrive.”

Hannah Crackett, Tom Holding and Dragos Niculescu
Relm is a clothing store selling young urban fashion. Within the space you’ll find unique pieces from up and
coming businesses, Babes in the Wood and AOYAGI. Babes in the Wood is a collective of creative people and
projects with a unique mission: “to blur the lines between music and fashion in interesting and imaginative ways.”
Established in 2013, by Hannah Crackett and Tom Holding, the business is made up of a clothing label,
selling handcrafted street wear (Myst) and an electronic record label (BITW audio). Wear Your Soundtrack is the
project that blends the two together. Hannah commented: “Cobden Chambers provides a
really cool, young urban edge. It is nice being in such a creative environment.”
AOYAGI is a men’s clothing label, which offers casual street wear including t-shirts, sweatshirts and beanie hats.

Creative Director and CEO, Dragos sources all his garments in the UK and has future plans to take the
brand international by setting up in LA or Paris. There will also be a new range launching in May, which features
lots of unique pieces.
Dragos commented: “As a small yet growing business, I wanted a space that was in a great location, but was
also affordable. Cobden Terraces covered both these things and I think the courtyard area outside has great
potential for events.”

Vintage Reclaimed
Liam Woodgates
Vintage Reclaimed Ltd boutique offers a unique shopping experience for the more discerning shopper
looking for something a little bit different. Located in Nottingham city centre you will find the Vintage
Reclaimed boutique at unit 1a of Cobden Terraces nestled alongside a collection of other independent
creative businesses. It offers Archetypal design Innovative products products of Style and Substance
Products of purpose and functionality
The Rare and unusual Liam commented: “Cobden Chambers is set to become
a destination location for Nottingham‘s city centre. Promoting and supporting a wealth of creative
entrepreneurial spirit and vibrancy already alive and kicking in the city.
Cobden chambers will help grow the next generation of leading entrepreneurs”

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