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Creative Quarter: Stories of Entrepreneurship

While The Creative Quarter was defined as a geographical area in the City Deal in 2012, those who know the area also know that it has always been a creative place. Earlier this year, The Creative Quarter company commissioned a publication that would tell the story of this place and its rich history of design innovation, manufacturing, artistic practice, entrepreneurship and creative thinking and doing. We envisaged that it would feature the entrepreneurs of the past who had toiled in the area, some of those people who had shaped the area in the last thirty years through creating major hubs such as BioCity, Nottingham Contemporary and Confetti Media Group, and look at the next generation of individuals who were growing new companies in the area. Some of these new businesses are popping up of their own volition, while others are being supported through accelerator programmes like Next Business Generation which is also featured in the publication. This gives it a lot of energy and depth.

We commissioned LeftLion Extended to produce the interviews, the photography, the video content, the interactive print and the design of the publication. And they have done a sterling job. We could never have imagined how lively a publication it would be. The interviews capture the spirit of the people who have shaped the place and the interactive print is a great example of a simple innovation that integrates digital content with traditional media. It is handsomely produced and copies will be available everywhere across the city. What the publication does is give today’s entrepreneurs coming through programmes such as Next Business Generation a powerful lineage and narrative. It tells us that The CQ began way before 2012 with the innovations of the Industrial Revolution. It is not a new story it is simply extending the story into the 21st century.

You can pick up a copy of the publication for free from various venues across Nottingham. You can also email admin@creativequarter.com to request a copy or pop into our office on Beck Street ( next door to Antenna) and pick up your copy.