Nottingham’s Creative Quarter Company, on behalf of the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership Creative Industries Working Group, is inviting submissions for the Development of a Sector Development Action Plan for the D2N2 Creative Industries Sector.

1. Background

D2N2 is the Local Enterprise Partnership for Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. D2N2’s vision is to become a more prosperous, better connected, and increasingly competitive and resilient economy, at the heart of the UK economy. The aim is to create a D2N2 which provides a great place to live, work and invest.

D2N2 is a diverse economy with specific sector strengths across the geography. Eight priority sectors in which D2N2 is already strong or has the capacity to grow have been identified.  D2N2 commits within its Strategic Economic Plan www.d2n2lep.org to prioritise activity that supports these sectors.

The D2N2 key sectors are:

– Transport Equipment Manufacturing

– Life sciences

– Food and Drink Manufacturing

– Construction

– Visitor Economy

– Low Carbon Economy

–  Logistics

– Creative Industries

In D2N2, the Creative Industries Sector has over 26,000 employees with the two cities accounting for around 40% of this total.  It is likely that this figure understates the true employment level as the large number of sole traders and micro businesses in the sector may not be captured by official datasets.  Particular employment specialisms in D2N2 lie in IT and software development (especially in computer gaming and medical technology applications).  But a range of sub-sectors also play a significant and growing role in the D2N2 economy, including architecture, product design, photography, publishing mobile games, music, film and TV and the manufacture of artisanal goods and wearing apparel.

2. Specification

The D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership Creative Industries Working Group would like to appoint a Consultant to develop a joinedup Sector Development Plan for the Creative Industries Sector, covering the time period from 2014 to 2023, aligning with the D2N2 LEP Strategic Economic Plan.  Structured consideration is also to be given across the Strategic Action Plan as to how key National and European programmes fit with the sector strategy.

An indicative draft Sector Development Plan for the Creative Industries Sector has already been produced by the interim D2N2 Creative Industries Working Group, drawing together a range of research, policy, strategy, and statistical materials.

A Draft Skills Action Plan has also been prepared, so consultants invited to interview will also be provided with a copy of this document.

The Consultant appointed to deliver this study will be expected to build on the work delivered to date; undertaking a combination of quantitative and qualitative research, consultation and desktop analysis to:

–       Use current research, data and analysis to frame the development of the sector in a national and international context

–       Identify the current gaps in research and analysis available to inform sector development in the creative industries.

–       Identify the current political, economic, strategic and technological context for the D2N2 creative sector.

–       Comprehensively map the current D2N2 creative industries sector, identifying all sub sectors across the D2N2 creative industries, and demonstrating the key sector strengths and challenges.

–       Identify the sector and sub-sector drivers for growth across D2N2.

–       Map the specific skills and employment gaps and future skills needs of the D2N2 creative sector.

–       Identify the innovation and knowledge transfer challenges, needs and opportunities for the D2N2 creative sector.

–       Identify the physical and digital infrastructure challenges, needs and opportunities for the D2N2 creative sector.

–       Identify the business support challenges, needs and opportunities for the D2N2 creative sector.

–       Identify the access to finance challenges, needs and opportunities for the D2N2 creative sector.

–       Comprehensively map the key stakeholders and delivery partners across the D2N2 creative sector.

The aim will be to bring all of the above learning together in a Sector Development Action Plan for the D2N2 region which will include at a minimum:

–       Sector background and current status – an introduction and definition of the sector and positioning of the D2N2 region in relation to the national and global sector.

–       A mapping of the sector and its contribution to employment and economic development of the region.

–       Analysis of the sector growth drivers, skills needs of the sector, other development needs, challenges and market failures

–       Analysis of how the development needs as outlined by the sector chime with those of D2N2 Strategic Partnership

–       Sector-specific analysis identifying particular challenges facing particular sectors, as well as sector strengths in the region.

–       10 Year Sector Action Plan, including key targets, delivery partners, timescale, cost and investment framework (the 10 Year Action Plan should also include a three year prioritised Action Plan ready for implementation from 2014/15)

–       Outline communications strategy

–       Stakeholders and Delivery Partner Plan

The consultancy is expected to start w/c 2nd June and complete by w/c 11th August 2014.

3. Instructions to Consultants

Interested consultants are invited to submit the following information by email to Kathy McArdle at the CQ Company on kathy@creativequarter.com by Monday 26th May at 12 noon.

–          Your CV (or the CVs of those who will work on the project) outlining skills and experience of previous consultancy work of this nature.

–          Short letter (no more than 5 pages) describing each step of your methodology for delivering this Sector Development Plan for the D2N2 Creative Industries Sector and your relevant past experience.   A rationale for selecting your proposed primary and secondary research methods should be provided here.

–          Detailed breakdown of your proposed fee

–          Timetable for delivery

–          Two references from recent (in the past two years) and relevant projects

–          A copy of a similar mapping exercise / report that you have delivered previously for another contract.

Submissions will be assessed against a number of weighted criteria, including:

Criteria Weighting
Suitability of proposed methodology 15
Relevance of skills and experience 40
Value for money 30
References 15


Shortlisted candidates may be invited to Interview with a panel made up of members of the Working Group from across the D2N2 area.

Should you have any questions, please contact Kathy McArdle directly on kathy@creativequarter or on 07821-394331

4. Consultancy fees and reporting

The total fee available for the project is £10,000 exclusive of VAT.

The contract will be managed by the CEO of the Creative Quarter Company on behalf of the D2N2 Creative Industries Working Group. Regular fortnightly feedback on the status of this contract is required. The D2N2 Creative Industries Working Group consults with and represents a wide group of sectoral interests across the region. It is made up of the following individuals and organisations from across the D2N2 region:

–          Steve Mapp (Director, Broadway)

–          Craig Chettle (MD, Confetti Media Group)

–          Jo Clark (Deputy Chief Executive, NBV Enterprise Solutions Ltd)

–          Elly Fletcher (Head of Business Development, New Art Exchange)

–          Adam Buss (CEO, QUAD)

–          Dawn Foote (MD, Katapult and Founder of CIN, Derby)

–          Kathy Mc Ardle (Chief Operations Officer, Creative Quarter)

–          Lynn Oxborough (Working with You, NTU)

–          Christopher Hall (The Hive, NTU)

–          Dr Dan King (Head, Knowledge Transfer Team, Business Engagement and Innovation Services, University of Nottingham)

–          Sue Jones (Horizon Digital Economy Hub, University of Nottingham)

–          Andy Curtis (Head of Business Growth, Nottingham City Council)

–          Alison Simpson (Nottingham City Council)

–          Diana Pasek-Atkinson ( Strategic Arts Development Officer – Creative Industries, Nottinghamshire Council)

–          Dr Nicola Lynch (Senior Lecturer in Business Economics, University of Derby)

–          Kathryn Allen (Policy and Market Intelligence (with specialism in Creative Industries), Marketing Derby )

–          Laura Williams (Incubation Manager, EVOLVE, University of Derby Corporate)

–          Filomena Rodriguez (Connect Business Development Manager, Derby City Council)

–          Rob Wadsworth (Creative Derbyshire co-ordinator and MD of S4W)

–         Dr Jeremy Hague (Head of Business Development, Nottingham Trent University)