Light Night 2015

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Light Night returns to the city on Friday 6th February 2015.

The city-wide programme of Light Night offers a fantastic opportunity to see, take part and enjoy an array of events taking place in the Creative Quarter. Please join us in celebrating with performances, workshops, music, art works, markets, late night shopping and much more taking place in and around the Creative Quarter from the Lace Market to Hockley and Sneinton Square.

As part of Nottingham’s Light Night on Friday the 6th of February the Creative Quarter will be hive of activity, with performances, artists installations and light shows. The CQ has commissioned, with the support of ERDF event funding, a number of artworks that will create a unique experience around the Lace Market, Hockley and Sneinton area.

Light Night will take place in public spaces and many favourite venues and locations including Galleries of Justice, Nottingham Contemporary, Broadway cinema, Rough Trade, St. Mary’s church, Sneinton market and many more.


Light Words, Bookwise, 10 Goose Gate


Bookwise is a charity bookshop selling second-hand books on all subjects in aid of Music for Everyone. MfE has been providing music participation opportunities for people in Nottinghamshire since 1983. Read more…

Bookwise had  late-night shopping and a rolling mini festival of words. People where able to read out a poem or piece of prose (or just listen) – light-themed or just ‘light’ entertainment!  You’ll find Bookwise in the backshop behind Classical CD (also open for late-night shopping, with jazz/classical music playing).


Ice Nine, 9-13 Goose Gate

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Established for over 30 years, Ice Nine is an eclectic emporium of delight, and on Light night they where opening late – throughout the evening they had many treats in store, music, light effects and fire and light performers outside on Hockley Square.

Artist Graham Elstone, 1 Stoney Street, Sue Ryder, City Arts 


Local artist Graham Elstone had been commissioned to produce three new works for Hockley, Lightnight and the Creative Quarter. Using large and small window spaces the projections transformed the fronts of buildings and shop units down Hockley towards Sneinton Market.

Graham utilises cut-out animations and stop frame to create short stories based on the past, present and future of the areas for Lightnight. Much of the work was created at City Arts in Hockley. The sites for the projections varied in size and location from large ground floor windows to smaller first floor windows and in one case a run of three windows, each providing a unique challenge creatively and a new perspective for the audience.

The projections ran all evening.

Graham works as an artist, creative educator and Project Manager. Based in Nottingham, projects are often regional and national. Artistic work is mixed media with a leaning towards use of technology; film, animation, digital tools. Creative work results in installation, projection and sometimes performance. Use of interactivity and work displayed in the public domain are high on the agenda.


‘Project’ , Broad Street 5pm till 2am


A collaboration of independents and artists based on Broad Street, and local area, curated by Stiff Kittens, and hosted by Broadway Cinema in celebration of Light Night 2015.

There was an array of intriguing installations, activities and eclectic performances.

– Interactive projection mapping by the inspirational Surface Gallery on Broadway’s Cinema’s terrace from 5 -10pm. With pedal powered music and lights, by Dr Little, from Re-innovation and Bespoke Gear.

– Stiff Kittens presents DJ’s from Vinyl Flooring, Broadway, and Mimm as a warm up for Nightmares on Wax at The Irish Centre. Alongside visuals by Tilly Mint, from Mimm Collective and Stiff Kittens Kittyarama, in Broadway’s café bar from 5 ‘til late.

– Interactive light drawings courtesy of Love Photography, in Broadway’s foyer from 6-8pm

– Special Light Night performance by cult indie film composer Simon Bosswell (Shallow Grave) at Rough Trade, from 9 -10pm. FREE. Taking you on an immersive psychedelic journey through sound and vision alongside David Altweger ‘Vizual Sound’ wizard.

– Bringing the Dealmaker/Farmyard/Mimm/On-Point building opposite The Broadway into mesmerising projection motion, from 7pm.

– Ear candy from the amazing Revenge of Calculon live in Broadway’s cafe bar, with funkatronic visuals from 10pm-11pm.

– To keep your cockles warmed, hot soup and mulled drinks will be served on the terrace throughout the night!

And more…all FREE! To see what happened with ‘Project’ on Broad street and when! Download their Light-Night-schedule.docx (205 downloads)


Light-Design-Art-Interiors, DEZIGNE, 27 Goosegate 3 – 10pm

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They had window display illuminations, light sculptures and bespoke interior lighting, plus on street illuminations with lasers! Commissioned in the Creative Quarter for Wing Walk.

Café was open upstairs with hot drinks homemade cake and sandwiches.


Lace Market


Tales of Freedom, Russian Red, St Mary’s Church


Artist collective Russian Red created an immersive light installation in the grounds of St Mary’s Church, overlooking the Galleries of Justice.

Alongside a bespoke soundtrack created to enhance the installation’s themes, 80 beacons of light light up the churchyard with hanging ‘tales of freedom’; ribbons printed with quotes from the people of Nottingham celebrating their personal interpretations of freedom.

They invited you the public, to take part in the installation to create your own colour combinations for the arc of illuminated light.

Email your responses to


Lace Market Gallery,  25 Stoney street

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Lace Market Gallery is a non- commercial art gallery deep in the heart of the Creative Quarter. We have a rolling programme of exciting and ambitious contemporary exhibitions by regional, national and international artists and ncn students.

If you walked past 25 Stoney Street, ncn’s school of art and design, you would have found the windows illuminated by the work of their talented graphic design student Brad Garner. Exploring the heritage of the Lace Market, Brad created a diorama using light, creating a 3 dimensional representation of a lace making machine.

In addition to their wonderful Light box installation, the Lace Market Gallery was also be open late and invited people to pop inside to see their current exhibition ‘The Movement Of The Line’, featuring Kate Fletcher, Mik Godley, Claire Goodey, Gurminder Kaur Sikand, Alyn Mulholland, Justine Nettleton, and Jeannie Olwyn Clark.

The Movement of the Line features a group of Nottingham based artists who draw as a predominant part of their practice.

Showing a diverse range of drawing methods including pencil, ink, embroidery and digital applications, each of the art works selected for the exhibition depict a sense of movement.

From playful and swift childlike mark making techniques to ideas of permanence, erasure and emergence. Landscapes smudge and glide across paper, subjects are approached or viewed from a distance, nature lays in a suspended stasis, dancers dance, and layers of process are revealed.

St Mary’s Church  7 – 10.30pm

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St. Mary’s offered a reflective atmosphere through the outdoor artworks and inside was illuminated by 100’s of candles, giving you a chance to see this wonderful building in another light. One of the most popular locations on Light Night over the past few years, St Mary’s had over 1800 people come into the grounds last year and will hope to attract similar numbers this year.

The church was illuminated by candlelight and other creative installations.Pause and Reflect Illuminated in candlelight, St Mary’s church will feature a number of reflective spaces gave you the chance to pause and reflect on the world around us. The choir of St Mary’s performed short concerts every half hour. Refreshments available.

Geowaltz A digital dance of colour, light and geometry made in collaboration with groups of young disabled people from across Nottinghamshire, digital artist Rebecca Smith combines iPad generated content with projection mapping techniques to form a mesmerising sway of light that will be projected onto the transept of the church.


Meet the Makers Artists and Craftsmen from the Creative Quarter will be displaying their work at St Mary’s

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The success of the ‘Made in Nottingham’ Pop-up Design Store over Christmas brought many designer makers together and to a retail presence for the first time. They enjoyed inspiring and mentoring each other to strive further and better into the market both in Nottingham and beyond!

The ‘Meet the Maker’ event is a proud Showcase of what each designer maker can do, their story, their beginnings, their reason for creating and why being part of the Creative Quarter is so important to them.

As co-curator of the store, and part of Meet the Maker 2014, it is ideal that photographer Ben Rawson was commissioned to photograph not just the event at St Mary’s but also all key events around the city for Light Night.

Award winning Eco Lighting designer Sarah Turner was also featured at the venue, both outside in the grounds with her installation, but also inside the church with a ‘making table’ giving visitors the opportunity to try their hand at making Eco friendly products.  Her iconic Eco bottle vases, flowers, angels and stars where also be available on the night.

Nottingham designers Mary Corcoran and Daniel Hanson worked closely together with the Meet the Maker designers at the venue to re-create the special atmosphere enjoyed by over 1800 visitors last year at Light Night 2014, knowing that for these designers to be able to share their story against the backdrop of the church with the choir singing around them was a very special experience for everyone. This year they had:

Light Night Spectacular, Galleries of Justice


Galleries of Justice offered an Edwardian take on light night – offering family’s an opportunity to take tours of the Galleries and celebrate with light, music, food and street performances that will animate High Pavement.

Lace Market Theatre 6.30 – 11pm

LM t

They allowed you to have a tour of a working theatre producing quality drama in an 18th century building in the heart of Nottingham.

Debbie Bryan, 18 St Mary’s Gate 5pm until late


Nottingham’s favourite specialist gift shop celebrated Light Night 2015 with a free after-hours Crafternoon, and the Debbie Bryan Brew Room was open with specially crafted own-brand real ales and cheeky tipples of the hot, cold and delicious variety.

Nonsuch Theatre, Lunarescent, Lace Market Square, 6:30 pm

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Nonsuch Theatre came together with Billbourough College students to perform a new work ‘Lunarescent’ described as a mystical celebration of love, life, light and the moon on Lace Market Square, the special light performance based around theme of the moon took place from 7pm onwards.


Rebels in Light,  The Corner, 8 Stoney Street 6 – 9pm

the corner

If you wandered the streets of the Lace Market, Stoney Street and Woolpack Lane, toward The Corner you would happen upon light installations and projections relating to the rebel writers of the city, plus inspirational literary quotes, and a few surprises…


B L O O M for Light Night 2015

Taking place at the Lofthouse – B L O O M was projecting artwork from some of Nottingham’s best contemporary fine artists & spinning some lovely psychedelic tunes to accompany.

Also they had their interactive liquid colour lightshow, producing your own art work using OHP and inks, or just enjoy the vibe!

Find out more on the Bloom Facebook page


Sneinton Market


NoMad, Sneinton Market Square  6 – 9pm

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NOMAD organises interactive events that bring people together while encouraging participation.  They are a platform and a networking opportunity for young creative’s wishing to showcase their material/talent.

Nomad teamed up with City Arts, Renewal Trust, Sneinton Community Traders and the Creative Quarter to give you a fun filled illuminating evening

  • 7.5 metre wide glowing and dancing Octopus which will lead a procession around the square (with Renewal Trust and Geofest)
  • Dance performances, including from local dance troop Nu Projeks, and QMX
  • Performances from The Hargreaves Project, The Young Creatives.
  • Craft and food Stalls
  • Giant Projected Portraits. The Dome (City Arts)
  • Glow in the Dark Circus Skills and Spinning
  • Music and much more
  • Outdoor Roller Rink (Creative Quarter)

Facebook Event


City Arts at Sneinton Market 


City Arts Nottingham develops arts opportunities that bring people together, stimulate change and create stronger, healthier communities. City Arts believe participation in the arts can enrich and transform people’s lives and have been pioneering this approach for over 30 years.

City Arts is working with visual artist Mik Godley to create a portrait of Hockley, St Ann’s and Sneinton. Mik is a specialist with the I-pad drawing programme ‘Brushes’, all landscapes and  portraits of people and places will be drawn using this programme.

At Light Night the City Arts Geodesic Dome was sited on Sneinton Market, and the images where projected at large scale onto the interior of the dome, 10×5 metres, and was be visible inside and out. Throughout the evening the portrait of the area began unfold.

Groups involved included the CRS music studio, the congregation of Emmanuelle Church, the Greenway Centre, Hartleys Coffee Bar, the Sneinton Tennants and Residents association and many other individuals from these three vibrant areas.


RedeFINE Tailoring , One bc, Sneinton Market

one bc

Nottingham’s ‘Fugitives From The Law of Averages’ One BC, Bespoke Clothing Fashion Designers celebrated Light Night by opening the doors to their Showroom and Workshop with a Light Installation and a Mini Catwalk Show.

Contact email:

Facebook page:

Twitter address: @OneBCClothing

Night Market, Sneinton Market Square

Sneinton Community Traders are proud to present the Night Market. With our colourful array of stalls and lights we bring the community together in the beautiful Sneinton Market Square

Other Events taking place around the city include:


Nottingham Contemporary, 25 High Pavement 6 – 9 pm

Was open for special Light Night activities and an opportunity to visit the current exhibition.

Nightfever, St Barnabas Cathedral 7 – 10pm

Refreshments where available in Cathedral Hall.

All where welcome to come to St Barnabas Cathedral for time of prayer, music and to light a candle.

The Worm that Glowed, At The Worm that Turned, 66-68 Derby Road 5 – 8pm

Including light installation and exhibition of outdoor lights plus an extended offer on all outdoor lighting.

Nottingham Castle 6 – 9pm

There was a chance to enjoy the illuminated grounds and view the galleries indoors which will be open with special activities taking place. Book onto a special evening cave tour for £4 per person. Book on 0115 876 1400.

Nottingham Gamelan Group Naga Lelana, In the Castle café

Gamelan bronze percussion orchestra from Java, Indonesia played giant hanging gongs, xylophones and other elaborately decorated instruments.

Nottingham’s Forgotten Nooks and Crannies Tourist Information Centre, Smithy Row Starts at 6.15pm

Tickets £5. To book call 0115 911 5005/07710 293 348

Walking Tour commenced outside the Tourist Information Centre. Exploring forgotten walkways and alleyways listening to some of the city’s great history and tales, lasted approximately an hour and a half.

Sobar Nights, Sobar, 22 Friar Lane 6 – 10pm

Visit Nottingham’s alcohol free café venue.

The Light Fantastic Physics Buskers, Council House Colonnade, Old Market Square 6 – 10pm

The Light Fantastic Physics Buskers where back again for more unbelievable physics tricks to amaze and entertain the whole family in the theme of ‘light’.

Musical Echoes, Malt Cross Music Hall 6pm – midnight

The Malt Cross came to life for Light Night with music, digital projections and more! Everyone took part in heritage arts and crafts activities.

General Students City Campus,

Lighting the Future: No Boundaries, Newton Building, Nottingham Trent University 6 – 9 pm

There was an eclectic mix of lighting designs and installations by product and furniture design final year students and alumni.

For a full listing of event please download the official Light Night programme.

Remember to use the #lightnightnotts and #cqnottm hashtags on your pictures and tweets!