Nottingham's famed author Alan Sillitoe

Nottingham’s UNESCO City of Literature bid 2015


One of Nottingham’s famous literary sons – DH Lawrence

Nottingham is undoubtedly a city of literature. We have an enviable literary heritage, a thriving and vibrant contemporary literature scene, and the city is home to many celebrated authors.

We boast many groups from diverse cultures who work together and alongside other regional, national and international organisations to promote the love of the written word.

We have performance poets who entrance us with their spoken words, and playwrights and film-makers who bring words to life on the stage and screen. We have artists who work with words, and writers who draw their stories.

It is time for Nottingham to take the next step, building upon our literary culture; becoming an officially-designated UNESCO City of Literature, and reap the rewards that come with this recognition.

What are the benefits of becoming a UNESCO City of Literature?

Nottingham’s bid for UNESCO City of Literature will bring Nottingham’s literary and creative enterprises, and other cultural and economic stakeholders even closer together. The activity will feed into programmes that provide a foundation for increased cultural tourism, improve literacy, encourage social cohesion and inclusivity, and support the wide range of creative businesses in and around Nottingham.

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Nottingham's famed author Alan Sillitoe

Nottingham’s famed author Alan Sillitoe



The Poet, Lord Byron


Newstead Abbey, the home of Lord Byron


Nottingham as it is today – the next City of Literature?

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