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At We Are Unstuck we believe in everyones capacity to think creatively and deliver innovation.  We believe thinking creatively is something everyone should learn to do – it’s not a task to be delegated or outsourced. More, it’s a skill and a habit that can and should be nurtured in every part of an organisation.  We know that innovation happens as a result of great ideas and great implementation and our expertise and experience spans both of these areas.


Website:                                                              Twitter: @WeareUnstuck



Pam Warhurst, CBE is a community leader, activist and environment worker.  She is one of the Founders of Incredible Edible.  She passionately believes in using food as a medium for reconnecting communities and in doing so nurturing learning and stimulating economic opportunities.  Started locally in Todmorden, West Yorkshire Incredible Edible has gone viral with Incredible Edibles popping up around the World.


Website:                                              Twitter: @Todsprout




Tom Farrand is co-founder of Swarm (a creative collaborative company who work with inspired people on projects to make a more beautiful world). He’s also co-founder of Good for Nothing (a growing community of smart folk collaborating and experimenting to help grassroots innovators accelerate their work and grow their impact – for nothing).  Tom is on a mission to help galvanise human energy and collective intelligence around the big challenges of our time. When he grows up, he wants to be a game park ranger.

Website:                   Twitter: @g00dfornothing




Jenni Lloyd is a digital veteran who believes that the attributes of the social web – openness, transparency, lack of hierarchy and massive interconnection provide a model for better, happier lives.  Jenni believes that business can and should be a force for positive change in the world – and that people connected together with a meaningful purpose can make anything happen. She specialises in participative change to build connected cultures, working with diverse clients to be more innovative, collaborative and focused on customer needs – in order to be fit for a very different future.

Website:                             Twitter: @jennilloyd




Mike Zeidler is a graduate of Nottingham University and now spends his days developing ideas that are shaping the City of Bristol.  Mike is co-founder of the Happy City Initiative which seeks to shift people’s thinking from bad news, fear and consumption to celebrating and spreading success and creating caring, connected communities.  Mike is on the Advisory Board of Bristol’s Festival of Ideas, and is also a Trustee of Voscur who support the development of the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector in Bristol. Read his blog here…                         Twitter: @happybristol



John-Paul Flintoff is a writer and performer. After years with The Sunday Times and the Financial Times, he’s written five books. One, How To Change The World, is published in 14 languages worldwide. He is also a trained theatrical improviser, and a certified coach. In his spare time John-Paul most enjoys making art.


Website:                   Twitter: @jpflintoff



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Illustrators have a knack for being able to simplify and prioritise information so as to make a message really clear – to cut to the core of an issue or an idea.  Scriberia work with global organisations and will be sharing some of the insights and skills of visual thinking with us.

Website:                    Twitter: @scriberian



We are a growing community of thinkers, do-ers, makers and tinkerers, finding time to gift our skills and energy to help accelerate the impact of cause led innovators, change makers and epic projects of social good.  Established in Nottingham one year ago we’ve collaborated and super-charged the work of Super Kitchen, Eco-Works and Pulp Friction.


Website:                        Twitter: @g00dfornothing



Super Kitchen sets up shared social eating spaces, that run on surplus.  It’s a good news story based on the principle that there is ‘plenty for all’ and ‘everyone is welcome’. Super Kitchens are social hang out spaces based around having a meal and a meet up. Less waste food, more fresh food, less faff, more time socialising and scoffing, less hassle in the kitchen. And no one running around shouting ‘Yes Chef!’


Website:                             Twitter: @superkitchlady