Post a Blog

There are five simple stages to being able to submit a blog article.

1. Sign Up. First sign up to being a contributor here.

(Then you can either then log in or come back another time).

2. Log in. Secondly click the coloured/black triangle in the top right of the screen, as seen in diagram below,  (this will appear as a bar on mobile devices and smaller screens).

Login to the Creative Quarter by selecting the login link from the top right of any page

If you have forgotten your login details, click the link at the bottom of the tab; “lost your password“.

3. Thirdly, once logged in you will see the administration Dashboard (see diagram below). Click “Blogs“ in the left hand menu and then click “Add New” from the top menu or from the side menu.

4. You will then be presented with a form to complete:

  • Add a title to the ‘Enter Title Here’ box.
  • Add text and the main body of your guide into the big box. Remove all formatting if it appears wrong (large spaces appear between lines and headings etc)
  • To upload an image, click ‘add media’ and select image options (you can choose between full width or half width).
  • Select a relevant category for your blog from the Categories toolbox displayed on the right.
  • Set a suitable image to open the piece by clicking ‘Set Featured Image’ on the right hand side of the screen (scrolling down below Guide Categories). Since this is a banner image, it is recommended that your selected image is large.

5. Finally, when happy with your directory entry, click the blue box “Submit for Review” on the right. You can also save your entry as a draft, just above the blue button, if you’d like to return and complete it later.

If you have any trouble filling out this information, please email us at