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Selecting the best contemporary magazines

Ideas on Paper has recently opened in the Creative Quarters Cobden Chambers – it offers of a thought provoking and collectible selection of magazines, journals, and books to Nottingham; independent titles on fashion, art, culture, design, business, economics, food, wine and travel, are complemented by a range of stationery, enabling you to get your ideas on paper.  Pick of the current crop of magazines is:

Hole & Corner 

holr and corner

Celebrating craft, beauty, passion and skill; Hole & Corner has quickly gained the respect of makers, artisans and devotes of the slow art of making and resorting things well; issue two profiles John Delacour restoring pianos in a former grain silo and Pascale Mussard of the Hermes family who uses discarded materials from the main workshop and practices an exquisite form of up-cycling.  These pieces are accompanied by delicious photography which simply sings on the page and draws the reader into a world of texture, colour and patina.

The Green Soccer Journal

the green soccer journal

Explores the world of football and reflects the way that it has evolved with particularly high production standards and a reverence that only comes from true fans of the game.  Lukas Podolski’s views on the upcoming world cup and a profile of Sky Sports News’ Charlotte Jackson are presented with unusual clarity and insight.  The magazine is a perfect read for anybody keen to look beyond the stereotypes of a sport which is compelling though not always beautiful.


bone shaker

Presents a love of cycling that goes far beyond what gear to buy or the perfect type pressure for an uphill ascent.  It’s about the sheer joy of getting out on the road, the unexpected events that will unfold, the pain a rider might go through, but overall the joy of time spent on the saddle.  Whether you’re a penny farthing rider, a BMXer or a fixie guy – this is a magazine that will delight every time you open its pages.

Delayed Gratification

delayed gratification

Presents an unashamedly slow view of the world turning away from the relentless twenty-four hour news cycle, the current issue of the magazine looks back at autumn of 2013 and presents some of the key events of last year’s fourth quarter with a clarity and intelligence which is not found often enough in a current affairs magazine.  Delayed Gratification has established a reputation for beautiful and clearly presented info-graphics – if a picture shows a thousand words then so too can a well presented info-graphic.  A matrix on October’s film releases delivers some surprising conclusions.



This magazine’s paired down aesthetic delivers a seductive journey from Helsinki, to Charleston and on to The Isles of Scilly; it makes you want to put your camera in your carry-on grab your passport from the hall table and head for the airport.  If you don’t have the time to get away right now then you can make this journey from your local cafe table – flat white and a pastry at your side of course!


Ingram’s Review

Ingram's review

Is a quarterly journal of style culture and design for the East Midlands; the current issue reports that Nottingham is a city in robust cultural health as it examines the role of The Contemporary Gallery and it’s contribution to life in the city.  Visiting local retailers and manufacturers, the magazine shows a community and economy with hidden treasures once more very much on the up, a beautifully presented format that encourages the reader/viewer to dip in and out.



This magazine is a compelling mix of global affairs, business, culture and design; May’s instalment takes the reader on a journey around the world via New York, Puerto Rico and Peterborough delivering a carefully curated slice of life that inspires one to adopt a fresh and more optimistic attitude to the world; its inspired by the artistry of some rather fine furniture makers and house builders in the current issue, an interiors and design special.

Spotted anything you like? Alex invites all lovers of the printed page to pop in for  a coffee and see what other delights await in-store.

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